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The roofing industry has observed an increase in the demand for metal roofing. Its market or demand seems to be holding stable and steady the past years and in the near future. In fact, metal residential re-roofing played a major part in the steady rise and stronghold of metal rooftops in the market share. This makes it the second most sought out roofing material.

However, it remains a no-shocker that metal rooftops have been garnering attention and popularity because of its qualities. They are durable, last long, and an overall efficient material for every building. To meet the increasing demand, metal roofing companies are on the rise as well.

But along the upsurge of companies, you may find yourself faced with many rivals in the market as well. What will make your roofing company stand out? How will you be able to find clients? If you ever find yourself lost in this train of thought, then allow us to introduce you to Metal Roofing Association!

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Who We Are

Our company deals upon accreditation as well as the verification of various metal roofing companies. This expounds upon which companies qualify on the basis of what their companies claim to offer as well as if a certain roofing company is a legitimate, trusted service provider. Accrediting companies, much more roofing companies, is an effective way to garner attention and clients.

This is so potential clients may avoid fraudulent service providers as well as “scam artists,” or the people who have had enough experience upon theft and scamming people. It is possible that the details of your credit card may be stolen for instance.

Moreover, for new companies, accreditation is important as it may attract the desired, targeted audience and may serve as enough proof that your company is, in fact, trustworthy and efficient.

To reinstate, verifying companies will attract your customers to you. Popular and number one rated companies were able to experience an influx of clients, all thanks to the referrals offered by the customers themselves as well as by having enough critical endorsing, promotion, and advertising.

Clients will instantly gravitate towards you by having enough excellent feedback. To have a resourceful and trusted association to review the performance and efficiency of your roofing company is a good way to set you on your journey to stardom. We at Metal Roofing Association do exactly this.

We help new and existing roofing companies to grow their business. We have helped numerous roofing companies for the last five (5) years upon growing and boosting their sales organically or not. To stand out, your clients must be more than satisfied. Your company must also engage effectively and efficiently with your customers to ensure the integrity of your company.

However, we are not a marketing company. We only aim to assist various roofing companies upon the development and growth of their business, audience, and market share through our means of providing you free resources as well as referring you to our partnerships with marketing companies.

A directory from which you will be able to see and visit the roofing companies we have accredited and verified will soon be available to help our customers. This will efficiently lessen and cut off for any time to be wasted upon finding and searching for the best possible roofing companies near you.

Metal roofing installations are easy, however, the specialists who install this are limited in number. This is why roofing companies with installers specifically catered to metal roofing are mostly sought after. Similarly, it is one of the reasons why it is an asset to have reviews written about your company. People will know the specific details about your company including its address and whatnot. They will also know what to expect from your company and its services. They will not go in blindly and will be able to efficiently negotiate with you and your terms.

Your clients will be able to weigh in the pros and cons before they even inquire. And if they liked your company and your services enough, you may have found a loyal customer. In addition, your consumers have the right to know the benefits and features of your company for their money’s worth.

This will effectively lessen any chance of complaints. If you offer the best services among the rest of any rival companies, you have the upper hand because, then, more customers will be led back to you and your company. Any signs of the arising competition will be avoided or prevented.

Unlike those without reviews written about them, people are most likely to go in blindly. Moreover, what if their specific terms do not align with those of the customers? That is time wasted because then the consumer will have to search for other companies.

Collaborations and Partnerships

The number one factor in growing your business is advertising. Referrals are some sort of advertising, may this be done by customers, your marketing company, your family, or whoever. But with our association, we provide the roofing companies that come forth to us with our preferred marketing companies which have partnered with us.

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This includes lead generational, top-notch marketing, and advertising companies. The marketing skills they employ are by far one of the best among the entirety of the marketing industry. They have their wide share of experiences and training upon promotions and advertisements catered to the biggest business companies, for multiple business purposes, and whatnot.

Moreover, they utilize Search Engine Optimization or SEO as the first and foremost step to generate exclusive calls, leads, and appointments upon endorsing the services of companies. What SEO basically does is to rank the website of your company on the first page of several search engines but most likely Google as it is the most used search engine throughout the world. By ranking high or on the first page of any search engine, clients will most likely click onto your page.

This will retain and gather enough attention to boost your sales. Not only that, our partner marketing agencies employ the use of paid advertisements as well and other traffic sources. Traffic sources are the cause-and-effect of people choosing to visit your website. This defines the sources which contribute to the most and least traffic on your website. Traffic sources are what shape your means of strategies – may this be SEO, SEM, or SMO.

As such, these include organic searching; direct, email, social, display traffic; referrals; or paid searches.

  • Organic Searching is defined by the people who manually searched for the topic you cater to through the use of search engines such as Google.
  • Direct Traffic is loosely followed by the people who have typed in your website URL by themselves.
  • Email Traffic is defined by the people who click on the links which were sent to their email addresses.
  • Social Traffic defines the people who visited your website through social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.
  • Display Traffic includes the visitors who were led to your website by displayed ads on various sites.
  • Referral Traffic includes the visitors who were led to your website because of another website.
  • Paid Searches is defined by the people who clicked onto your paid advertisements.

However, just like any other company, you may be concerned with your ROI or Return on Investment. The best way to cope with your ROI is through local lead generations. It is what compensates for your cost in your investments for your company.

With local lead generations, potential prospects will come to your business in a predictable and consistent manner which you can track. Moreover, these prospects may relate to a business transaction you will be able to generate revenue from. Surely and swiftly.

By engaging, you will have the capability to pinpoint which factors in your marketing work and ones that do not. Through this, you will be able to accomplish a more effective marketing strategy! But the thing that makes this more interesting is that you will be able to track how much of your money in your marketing strategies have been efficiently working.

These are the basic inclusions upon the skills which our partners employ. Remember that our company itself does not provide any marketing strategies as our services only include the accreditation and verification of roofing companies. However, the partnerships we do have with our marketing agencies at Metal Roofing Association have consistently generated thousands of leads and appointments for roofing companies throughout the United States and Canada!

Importance of Marketing

Now that we have introduced you to our partners, let us see why marketing is essential upon boosting your company’s services. Marketing is what will introduce your company to your audience – from which you will be able to generate consumers who are looking for the services and products you are offering. Advertisements, promotions, the origins of SEO, etc. exist due to the same thing: Marketing.

This is your way of communicating with your consumers. The foundation of the trust that will be built. Moreover, it is what will engage your customers and help them stay rooted to your services. It will inform your consumers of the specifics or details of your products and services. A solid understanding of what you are offering is a must to ensure that your customers stay engaged and well-informed.

Once they are informed and remain interested in your company, they will most likely give in and avail of your services or products. This is what will ultimately cultivate the sales of your company as well as its reputation. Your reputation alone can be a good starting and standing point to sell your company.

You must also effectively source out the consumer needs or desirability. The creation of the awareness to need a certain product is what will help your business to stay afloat and ahead of the game. Marketing cannot create a need, but what it does create is the stimulation of our consciousness as well as our desire to own a certain product.

Roofing Reviews

We at Metal Roofing Association conduct roofing company reviews to ascertain which among the roofing companies are the best and to help our customers build their trust through several roofing companies through us and in us. We take into consideration the type of services that may be availed as well as their performance upon serving and providing to the needs of the customers.

The general types of metal roofing which are done are metal tiles, metal roofing, standing seam, tapered panels, corrugated metal roofing, and metal shingles among many others. Our clients may be confused about which roofing service provider they would choose with the influx of companies that rival one another. And our purpose is to exactly tell you any differences, any similarities between rival companies.

Whereas other roofing companies have to rely on independent sources, with us, you do not have to. This is because we conduct our own reviews. Feedback and reviews are what make or break the company. It is a domino effect. A negative review will surely impact the company on a negative outcome and vice versa. Clients do not want to have to take their risks upon trying out companies which will surely cost them thousands. What more when they will be putting on to your hands the safety and welfare of their families and home?

With a positive review, however, customers will be compelled to come and inquire about your company and its services. Because, of course, you were able to prove yourself to your customers. This is why reviews are essential for business establishments. Of course, our reviews also contain the details of your business: Its company name, the services it offers, the materials your company uses, and many more.

Many of these companies have their respective strengths and weaknesses; it will be up to you which of them you would want to coordinate with. Your mileage may vary, as the saying goes. Their materials are taken into consideration as well. There are roofing companies whose materials may not be of optimal quality and, in some cases, are even compromised. Low-value materials are prevalent in this industry despite what the company claims.

Accreditation of Roofing Companies

For a metal roofing company to be accredited, we base our standards upon

  • Their track record – We seek the trust and honesty they have established and built with their clients. Their record must have been eligible for the past few months regarding their business operations governing any transaction with metal roofing – materials or services. They must also have been certified and licensed to perform any of the services they offer as reinforced by the law – federal, state or provincial, and local laws.
  • Their transparency – All required information must be disclosed to our company and clients. This includes the means to directly contact their business; terms and conditions; warranties of a product or service; restrictions and limitations; return or refund policy; etc.
  • Their response – The metal roofing company we coordinate with must also be responsive regarding any complaints and must address each concern that includes any of the complaints. Their response must also be professional.
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And because we specifically review roofing companies, we know what we are dealing with. To get into the basis of why our reviews are important, it is due to the fast-paced environment of the industry. Certain trends and innovations come in and out of the roofing industry. To keep you up to date and lessen any chances of availing products, materials, or services that may be compromised or out of date, we conduct our reviews.

The consumption for this type of roofing has been dominating the Asia-Pacific region due to the growing need that can be contributed to the increase of infrastructures being developed in these areas. Report analyses say, on the other hand, that North America seems to be catching up to Asia-Pacific due to the improved state of the living standard for the people there. North America has a revenue market share of nearly 42.18% in 2017. This number is closely followed by Europe with a market share of 30.58% in the same year.

The material manufacturing process popular nowadays is governed by a computer through a small control unit. And each year, metal roofing becomes cheaper, safer, and endures longer. It is expected that the metal roofing industry will still be stable and steady in the next few years. Because of this, it is also to be expected that more companies will enter the industry. As a matter of fact, metal roofing will make up 20% of the residential roof market in 2020. So standing out against the old, new, and any existing companies in the industry is important for customers to come to you.

Our Advocacy

We advocate advancing the needs and qualifications of the roofing industry. Our aim is to translate and put out a work of transparency and honesty as well as integrity. We never fail to commit to our clients upon their safety and protection.

The voices of our clients must be put forward and heard throughout the USA and Canada. Energy efficiency and workplace and labor regulation are among our advocacies. We ensure that the roofing companies we review adhere to mandatory federal, state, and local laws. They must also have humane labor regulations that do not compromise the safety of their workers.

Risks and Compromises

As such, it is important to take note of why fraudulent roofing companies must sincerely be avoided. Roofing companies may compromise the welfare of you and your family. Moreover, they will cost you a massive amount of money just for the sake of poor value and poor quality materials or products and services.

Metal rooftops that are compromised may not last long and have the natural durability and endurance of quality metal rooftops. The reason why you are availing of this type of roofing is to avoid any additional expenses and to enjoy its long-lasting qualities. Metals do not easily dent under hail nor are they combustible or flammable. Ponding water is not risk also with quality installed metal roofing. However, if poorly installed, you may experience leakages which can be avoided with a trusted and top tier roofing company.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Let us talk about the benefits of having this type of roofing and why this has garnered attention in the roofing industry. Metal roofing may endure up to 70 years. Because of its sturdy and durable composition. They are not conducive to corrosion or cracking due to its rust-proof coatings. Neither are they prone to combustion.

They are can also withstand and overcome gusts of wind up to 140 miles per hour. This roofing is also energy-efficient due to its surface that reflects back solar radiant heat which reduces cooling costs. And lastly, it is environmental-friendly because they are specifically made with recycled materials.


Contact Us

We would love to help your business grow and develop through every means – organically or professionally. Through us at Metal Roofing Association, we will do our best to attract your desired, targeted audience.

We will help accredit and verify your roofing company to gain trust from your customers. This will effectively boost your ranking among any rival companies. As such, your sales will steadily increase and help sustain your reputation of being a metal roofing company.

Marketing, accreditation, and verification are important elements to start your business up – to solidify your foundation among the ranks of the industry. Moreover, clients will have the capacity to compare which among the companies is most suitable for their desires and needs according to what they offer. This will cut off any hassle time or any wasted time.

Despite not being a marketing company, we can provide you free resources and refer to our trusted partners for the jumpstart of your business. We do this with your best interests in mind as well as the clients.

Transparency, honesty, integrity are a must with us at Metal Roofing Association. For further inquiries or questions, we are only a click away from helping and assisting you with whatever your concerns are!