Do I add insulation to my metal roof

Do I add insulation to my metal roof?

Metal roofs weren’t that popular a few years ago due to how they tend to conduct heat and make any property hotter than it should.  Many commercial property owners didn’t pay too much attention to this due to how much they were saving and obtaining in other aspects. Like the durability and longevity of the roofing system. 


But what makes metal roofs so popular nowadays? It is as simple as the additions and extra features that are either mandatory or included when installing one, or that you can decide to add when going for this roofing system. To deal with the previous problem, people decided to add insulation under the metal roofs. 

It is practically mandatory to do it if you do not want to end up with a hot property or a very cold one depending on the city and area you live in or you’re located. However, it is understandable that new property owners or those with not too much experience with metal roofs ask themselves, “to insulate or not to insulate?”. 

What should you do? 

Before getting to what I consider is the obvious answer, let’s focus on the one that it isn’t: not to insulate. Most people that decide to quit the idea but still go for metal roofs are just trying to save some money. The insulation is imperative in my opinion even when it can cost another dollar per square foot when you consider the whole installation—but that depends on the company you hire for the task as well.

When you decide not to do it, most people regret it as soon as the installation is finished and they spend a day or two on the property and I’m certain this will be your case. As a result, they have to go through the process again and spend even more money adding insulation to deal with the heat problem. But what if you live in a cold area or city? Do you still need insulation? 

Not always, but you will notice it is more useful to have it than not having it thanks to how it helps to regulate the temperature in general. To make it short, you can choose to not do it if you feel it is not necessary, if you don’t mind spending more energy—although I encourage you to help the planet—, or if you just decide to not include it. Now, moving onto the obvious option, to insulate, is it really worth it? 

Do I add insulation to my metal roof

Focusing on how the temperature will be regulated but also, how you will deal with the noise problem every metal roof brings to a property, you will find it more than necessary. You must keep in mind that depending on the type of insulation you add, you can allow your metal roof to be more resistant to a specific climate and even prevent some problems like corrosion.


Based on this, what is the answer to the question? 

You should definitely add insulation. 

In the long run, you will save a lot in energy and bills, enjoy an adequate temperature in your property, and avoid all the noise that is characteristic of metal roofs. With the right choice when it comes to insulation, you will also be able to save money and spend almost nothing when looking at the final cost of the metal roof.