How_do I add a metal roof to my house

How do I add a metal roof to my house?

If you’re planning new constructions, either if it is a residential or commercial property, you need to be prepared when it is about roofing. The roof is one of the most difficult and also dangerous parts of a property. Without the required safety measures, equipment, and experience, things can get bad in no time. However, property owners think about DIY projects quite often when it comes to remodeling, building, or just adding something new, and this includes roofing.


So, if I have to think about a way to get the task done by yourself it would be to get some training before deciding to do it and of course, the right equipment. But if I decide to go for the right option, the best one, and the alternative I would choose over everything else, it would be to just contact professionals and experienced roofers. And this goes for any roofing system. 

If you believe that some roofs can definitely be installed or added on your own, you are quite wrong there. Indeed, some are more difficult than others. Slate is considered to be very elaborated and complicated while metal roofs are easier and simpler to handle. 

But for these last ones, that doesn’t mean you should go for the project alone. With that clear, how can you get it installed? 

For new constructions—consider the fact that I am focusing on professionals and experts doing it—the process consists of several steps:

  • Measure the roof or area to determine the amount of material to be used. 
  • Place the underlayment and edging. 
  • Start installing the metal panels or shingles depending on what you choose. 
  • Get the roof ventilation in place.
  • Flashing or extra features installation. 

Thanks to how light-weight and simple metal roofs are, they are easy to control during the installation. 

How_do I add a metal roof to my house

But what about the already existing roof?

Adding a metal roof can be an option that takes you away from a nightmare: removing a roof. Whenever you think about going for a new roofing system, removing the existing one can be expensive and take a lot of work.

Therefore, choosing a metal roof will save you all the time and money. Based on this, the steps are similar but with only a few additions and removing other steps:

  • Measure the area and existing roof.
  • Repair any damage in the roofing system—or remove it if you don’t like the idea of adding it over the existing one.
  • Get the edging installed.
  • Start placing the panels and make sure it fits with the current ventilation and features in the roof.
  • Check if everything is perfectly installed and will not cause problems with the existing roof.

Knowing this, what do you have to do as the person who needs and wants to add it? Contacting reliable and qualified professionals will be pretty much what you will have to do. But make sure that once the project has started, to keep an eye on it to guarantee everything is going smoothly and the result is going in the right direction. 

Now, do you want to take your chances? All I can tell you is to be careful, get all the materials but mostly, equipment necessary to get this done. Make sure to ask for some advice and guidance, and if you have someone who can lend you a hand, that would be the best—but not as much as relying on companies for it.

Image4-Metal Roofing Association