Is_a_metal roof_cheaper than shingles

Is a metal roof cheaper than shingles?

No, but this is only if you look at it as the investment and short term instead of the whole picture. I understand that whenever you are adding something to your property—or just acquiring a new product and feature—, you worry about its cost. After all, we might want many things but we also have a budget to keep in mind. 


This is why it is the right thing to do whenever you compare prices—in this case—of roofing systems to know which one is the best not only in functionality and aesthetics but also cost. So, focusing on metal roofs and shingles only, no, the metal roofing isn’t cheaper than shingles. Overall, shingles are not particularly cheap because of their shape or design but mostly due to the material they are made of. 

Asphalt is the cheapest and most common material used in the roofing systems for both residential and commercial properties in the United States. This is why it isn’t a surprise that if you’re looking for an affordable option, you go for them. Shingles can cost around $3 to $7 per square foot depending on the materials you use and from where you get them. 

Meanwhile, metal roofs can cost between $6 to $12 easily. The difference isn’t that big when you notice the options available but of course, most metal roof owners decide to go for options that are closer to 12 than 6. Now, based on this, should you choose metal roofs either way? If you want to get more longevity and durability out of your roof, you should. Metal roofs are more expensive and represent a bigger investment compared to shingles. 

Is_a_metal roof_cheaper than shingles

But you bet they are worth it!

They can last easily for 4 decades on average, but it is possible to have one in good shape for over 50 years. The maintenance is minimal, the repairs aren’t expensive nor common, and you can always install them over an existing roof. Meanwhile, shingles will require more money in the long run.

Repairs are quite common due to how easy is to break the asphalt or other materials and they aren’t as resistant as metal ones when it comes to what Mother Nature throws at them. Also, you can replace a shingle roof two or even three times while a metal roof will still be placed in the same property during all these years.

So, whenever I talk about this and compare prices, I always get to a question which I consider is the right one: Which one is cheaper considering the present and future? Metal roofs without a doubt. You might save more money with shingles at the beginning, but metal roofs will give you more just for the price you will have to pay.

Just think about the benefits that come from your investment:

  • You won’t have to replace it—this is the case 90% of the time.
  • You can get discounts from insurance companies.
  • You’re adding value to your property.
  • No more heating and cooling costs that make you spend a fortune monthly.
  • They are eco-friendly.
  • The maintenance isn’t frequent and it’s quite cheap.

Do you see how much you can obtain? 

If you decide to go for shingles, you won’t be able to obtain all these benefits and instead, you will spend much more during the 15 to 25 years your roof will last compared to the initial investment of a metal one. 

And when I say “much more”, I mean it. You truly don’t want to see how much money a shingle roof will get from you even during the first years. 

So, my advice would be: save some money and go for metal roofing when you get the chance. 

Image4-Metal Roofing Association