What_do_I look for_in choosing a marketing company for my roof business

What do I look for in choosing a marketing company for my roof business?

Obviously, you want it to work and give you the leads or clients you are looking for. The marketing world isn’t simple nor easy to understand. Also, it takes a lot of time to get familiar with how it works, and later on, be able to understand what works for YOU alone. 


So, before I even get to the part of what you should be looking for from a company you hire to deal with this part for you, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t want from it:

  • A marketing company that uses standard strategies all the time. 
  • It doesn’t understand the goals of your company beyond needing and generating leads.
  • Neither low nor high-rates are relevant at the moment of choosing the company—at least, most of the time. 

I’m sure that you have either spent thousands of dollars in roofing marketing companies that haven’t given you the results you expect. Or you are quite worried about getting to this point and not only losing your money but also time. 

It is understandable and if you ask me, I would always take the time to know that the marketing service I’m hiring is the ideal one. With that said, how do you know it is the one you need? There are way too many options out there after all. Let’s begin with a piece of quick advice: make sure they use digital marketing.

What you need to look for and get from the company

It looks a bit obvious that you need a company that offers you digital marketing for your roofing business. However, you would be surprised that many “experts” in the area are quite behind the age we’re living in. 

As a result, the strategies and methods used aren’t effective or not as much as other options available in the market nowadays. Therefore, I can say that more than just needing a company that focuses on digital marketing, you need one that knows everything about it, stays updated, and can plan strategies based on them. 

With this clear, the next thing you need is a company that won’t get to your business and starts planning strategies that were used in several roofing businesses already. Don’t get me wrong, strategies are effective in several companies and you can use them on different occasions. 

What_do_I look for_in choosing a marketing company for my roof business

But if you want positive results and marketing that actually works, make sure the company you hire can build strategies based on what you need, your goals, and the current condition.

In short, you want a service that will build everything around you and just take examples from other strategies or use them only when it is 100% sure they will work. That being said, there are only a few more things to look out for:

Building websites, social media, presence online, focusing on local SEO, and more, need to be included in what the marketers can do. Some roofing businesses look for marketing services to boost the leads and drive them to the—probably—already built website and some online presence.

In a few words, they are looking for someone to manage what they have built so far. But a good marketing company should be able to handle the whole starting process and take care of the previous tasks.

Pay per click, SEO, advertising, direct mail, and more. The company shouldn’t be limited to only one or two but rather be able to handle all the options available to use the ones that fit your roofing company the most.


You want a whole marketing service, not only one that can assist you to a certain extent or deliver very specific results and use only a few options. 

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