Why _are roofing_sheets corrugated

Why are roofing sheets corrugated?

When looking for a roofing system and sheets, most property owners find themselves not loving the corrugated design in the sheets. Do you feel identified with this? Well, I believe it is just about giving them the chance and understanding why they are corrugated in the first place. Unlike flat sheets, corrugated ones allow you to get rid of the water quickly and without any issues. 


We both know that rain is quite a problem when your roof just accumulates the water and with it, the waste and dirt in the edges and areas of the sheets. As a result, many property owners end up with repairs on the roof but also inside the property. In short, you definitely want a roof that allows you to say “goodbye” to the water as quickly as possible. 

But is this worth the investment? 

If you think about the long-term benefits obtained from just getting rid of water properly, you definitely go for corrugated sheets. 

However, there are more reasons for roofing sheets to be like this: 

It gives them more strength. 

When designing and installing your roof, you might need to have your sheets bent sometimes. This is why choosing the right material and shape is important: because some roofing options can’t be bent. 

In the case of roofing sheets, the corrugated feature allows you to bend them while also adding strength in the process. This leads to being able to generally increase the spans between the support underneath them. 

Why _are roofing_sheets corrugated

You can apply fasteners.

Fixing the sheets can be a hard task if you choose to go for flat ones. The areas where you can apply fasteners will be exposed, very obvious, and won’t look good with the final design.

Meanwhile, the ridges of corrugated sheets give you the point to apply the fasteners and help to avoid one problem in specific: the water that might go through the hole from each nail.

Expansion and contraction will not be a problem.

If I have to mention the main reason behind the corrugations, well, they allow you for expansion and contractions. What worries most property owners about their roofs is how easily they can be damaged when the temperature changes.

This is, of course, very often in places where the weather is as crazy as our faces in the morning. And drives property owners crazy when the expansion ruins the roof or maybe it is the contractions that make everything more difficult. The corrugations allow both, which means it will go according to the temperature and won’t get damaged due to the variations.


Am I missing something? 

Definitely! Corrugated sheets also look less boring and rather stunning and elegant. It is very common to get bored with the plain and flat sheets when you can easily have some ‘lines’ in your roof that will be more pleasant to look at. 

Also, they go well with any design you decide to go for your property later on. Now, is this why you shouldn’t think about flat sheets? This and all the previous reasons why roofing sheets are corrugated in the first place should put one idea in your mind and nothing else: always go for corrugations. 

You will get more benefits, fewer problems, spend the same money, and the functional and aesthetical parts will be equally good. 

Image4-Metal Roofing Association